Sunday, September 14, 2008

The past few days...

I have been so very busy. Turning 15 months last Wednesday, I weighed in at 26.3 and 30 inches. I am the right proportion and I could do all sorts of things for my new pediatrician - he was very impressed :-)

Here are a couple shots of my latest accomplishments: As you can see, I love to sit at the piano. In this shot daddy is helping me but hopefully we can post some of the video of me playing by myself. Oh yes, folks, I can play by myself. Here daddy is showing me that my hand is half an octave! I am not sure what that means but it sounded pretty good! This next shot is really funny. Mommy had put my shirt on me and then turned away to get my passie and a Kleenex for my runny nose. When she turned around, I was dressing myself... and I had my shorts on my head. After all, mommy had just put my shirt on so how was I to know I could not put my shorts on the same way? I just like learning how to do things on my own! I have several other new tricks up my sleeve. But, they are cataloged on the video camera, not so much the little flashy one. Mommy said she was going to try and learn how to post those things for you all since Daddy is very busy with his books, classes, and all that learning! GO DADDY! You are doing great!