Monday, November 30, 2009

The thing about trains - it doesn't matter where they're going. What matters is deciding to get on -- Conductor

from the Polar Express! We did it! It was wonderful and incredible and made the whole Christmas season jump start for us! We had a great time and will try to do this for many years to come. Instead of writing too much about it, we just really want to share some video, some pics and a few thoughts.

Starting with this one. Watching a toddler pack is hilarious! Joseph was helping us pack up the bags on Friday morning before we left. He wanted to bring certain things but we had to put a limit on how much... here is how it went down:

So, once we arrived at the hotel, well, you can see for yourselves: and

Once checked in and tickets in hand, we had to take a little rest. Our new euphemism for taking a nap is watching football either on the couch or in this case on the hotel bed. Aren't they so cute? I think this was the Colorado game on Friday:

We had a lovely dinner at the Lodge and then got into our matching, fun, red Christmas PJs. Joseph had to wear the boots, of course! Here is where the fun begins:

Once on the train, we had hot chocolate, cookies, and had the story read. Joseph got to see the pictures and Chef Debra was very sweet and took a particular liking to our little guy: and with daddy:

we got situated and just watched!

I think this is a long and big enough post to truly capture the magnitude of the event in our little guy's memory. There are a couple more shots from the weekend but those will have to come later in the week. And, on Friday we will have an update on the Baby Bean-nette as it will be her first of the 4 weekly appointments leading up to her arrival date on or before Dec. 29th!

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Webster Family said...

I'm SO glad that you guys had a fantastic time! We will treasure our memory from that train ride last year for years to come. We went last week here in OR--our poor train broke down for an hour--AZ definitely did a MUCH Better job! :D It truly is a magical experience isn't it??